"Customs Card" – the official partner of the International Customs Forum – 2021

The Customs Card company has become an official partner of the International Customs Forum – 2021.

"Customs Card" is a technology company, the first operator of customs payments in Russia, specializing in the development and implementation of solutions to optimize the processes of foreign economic activity in companies. The company's global task is to digitalize cross-border trade services and combine them into a single platform in order to simplify foreign economic activity and customs clearance procedures.

Electronic services of the "Customs Card" provide the following opportunities:

  • payment of customs duties 24/7;
  • submission of the customs declaration online;
  • surety for additional verification;
  • expert advice;
  • legal support of foreign economic activity;
  • information courses.

In 2021, the Tamo OS (a single digital space for international trade operating system) was launched. The system allows you to independently draw up declarations in a simple interface and submit them to any customs authorities in Russia. At each stage, the user can use the built-in tips that will help you easily draw up documents Due to online integration with the Federal Customs Service of Russia, the platform allows you to make all payments in few clicks, 24/7.

For those who are just planning or starting to engage in foreign economic activity, "Customs Card" has launched an information course "International Trade. First Steps”, which includes all the necessary materials for the start: from basic terms and documentary requirements, to choosing a supplier and preparing goods for sale.

Within the framework of the adopted digitalization strategy, the“Customs Card” payment system seeks to meet the high standards for the development of world trade, which are currently set by the Federal Customs Service. We traditionally support the organizers of the International Customs Forum, since this is a key event in the field of foreign economic activity, which raises important issues of regulating foreign trade markets and creating a favorable environment for business. ”- commented Andrey Vozmilov, General Director of“ Customs Card ”.