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Using the information which was discussed at the Forum and quoting participants of the Forum,  it should be mentioned “… said at the International Customs Forum in Moscow …”, “… commented at the International Customs Forum …”accordingly.

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Information about Media Accreditation

1. Media Accreditation to the International Customs Forum (ICF) is carried out in order to ensure the necessary conditions for professional activities for the preparation and dissemination of complete and reliable information about the events of the ICF.

2. Accreditation of media representatives is required to work at all ICF events.

3. In carrying out their professional activities, media representatives are obliged to respect rights and legitimate interests of the participants and staff of the ICF and follow generally accepted rules. 

4. The number of media representatives who can take part in the IСF is limited due to the desire of the organizers to provide all media representatives with the most comfortable working conditions and necessary resources.

5. The organizing committee of the IСF can increase the quota at the official request of the media if there is a reasoned justification for such a need.

6. Russian media must be registered with the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor).

7. Representatives of foreign media in case of permanent work on the territory of the Russian Federation must be accredited with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

8. Accreditation quotas for media representatives

From prints:

  • newspapers - 3 representatives
  • magazines - 2 representatives

From news agencies:

  • 4 representatives

From electronic publications:

  • 2 representatives

From TV companies:

  • 15 representatives

From radio companies:

  • 2 representatives

From information partner:

  • in accordance with agreements on information partnership

9. Procedure for filing and considering an application for accreditation.
Media representatives apply for participation on the Forum website:
The application is submitted by one media representative indicating the required number of accreditation quotas.
When you will fill out the application, special attention should be paid to the fields marked with an asterisk: they are mandatory.
The deadline for filing applications through the official website of the IСF is from May 1, 2021 to September 1, 2021.
The term for consideration of the application is up to 10 calendar days.
In case of a positive consideration of the application, a login and password will be sent to its author to the specified e-mail to enter the “Personal account of the ICF participant”. One "personal account" is created for each media.

Photo requirements:

Type - "for documents" (color photo on a white / light background);
File format - png, jpg, gif, bmp;
Image size no less than 300x400 pixels;
File size - no more than 2 MB;
Full-face photo should be clearly visible, the face on photo should occupy at least 70%;
No headgear, no sunglasses.

After filling in all the required fields, the forms are sent to the organizing committee of the ICF. If some fields will filled in incorrectly, the person in charge will be notified by e-mail.
After the received forms are processed by the representatives of the organizing committee, notifications with confirmation of accreditation for the ICF wil be sent to all declared media representatives to their e-mail addresses.
Media accreditation is valid for all days of the ICF.

10. Procedure for issuing accreditation name tags
 to media representatives.
Information about the readiness of name tags
is sent by e-mail to the person in charge, and to journalist’s e-mails, whose registration is confirmed by the organizing committee.
On the eve of the ICF, accreditation name tags are issued to a representative of the editorial office or to a directly declared journalist (the place of issuance of badges is specified by the Organizing Committee) subject to the following conditions:

  • if journalist is a confirmed accreditation in the ICF database;
  • (for a representative of the Mass-media) upon presentation of a power of attorney indicating the passport data of colleagues;
  • (for a journalist who receives only his name tag) upon presentation of a passport: the passport number must match the number indicated in the registration form.

On the days of the ICF, name tags can be obtained at the registration desk at the entrance to the Forum, subject to the following conditions:

  • if there is a confirmed accreditation in the ICF database;
  • upon presentation of a passport by the journalist: the passport number must match the number indicated in the registration form.

The name tag is personalized. Its transfer to third parties before the Forum and during the work of the ICF is not permitted.
The name tag should be worn over clothing at all times while at the ICF.
Any other accreditation cards are not valid for access to the ICF.
If the accreditation badge is lost, the media representative must immediately report it to the media registration desk. The lost name tag will be blocked; based on the statement of the journalist, he will be given a duplicate.

11. Rules for access to ICF events.

Media accreditation is required to work at all ICF events.
Media representatives will have access to all public events of the ICF. The organizers reserve the right to grant access to certain events of the forum on the pool system.
The access of the technical personnel of the media representatives is carried out in accordance with the regulations for the access of technical personnel to the ICF.

12. Denial of accreditation.
The organizing committee of the ICF has the right to refuse accreditation:

  • persons who are not media representatives and do not hold the positions specified in the application;
  • representatives of the media specializing in publications of advertising, reference or highly specialized topics that are not related to the topic of the Forum, with the exception of industry publications that closely cooperate with the FCS of Russia;
  • The organizing committee of the ICF reserves the right to refuse accreditation without giving any reason.

13. Revoke accreditation.
Accreditation of media or individual journalists can be revoked directly during the Forum by the decision of the Organizing Committee.

Contacts of persons responsible for accreditation and work with Mass-media at the ICF-2021:
+7 (499) 449-73-29 (on partnership of TV channels) - Larisa Ledovskikh
+7 (499) 449-77-89 (other Mass-media) - Natalia Karaseva

Our expectations from Info-Partners:

  • placement of information about the ICF and conference (sessions) in the event section (event feed, etc.)
  • publication about the ICF and events in the news feed on information resources (including social networks) of the Info-Partner: at least 2 announcements, placement of press-releases, a post-releases about events taking place at the ICF with a link to the Forum website.
General information partners