Mosprom is a strategic partner of the International Customs Forum

Export Support Center «Mosprom» has become as a strategic partner of the International Customs Forum-2021, which will be held in October 21-22 at the World Trade Center in Moscow.

Center «Mosprom» was created by the Department of Investment and Industrial Policy of Moscow in order to support the capital's industrial export and export of agricultural products. Today it plays a significant role in the development of foreign economic activity of the capital within the framework of the international cooperation and export national project.

By 2030, the capital, as well as other Russian regions, faces the task of increasing the export of non-primary non-energy goods by 70% compared to 2020.

The center offers various levels of export support depending on the needs, maturity, scale and capabilities of  capital producers.

As part of the support measures provided, the Center's experts analyze target markets for metropolitan manufacturers: experts study the macroeconomic report on the target market, the risk profile, including entry barriers, the state of the industry in the target market and its dependence on exports and imports, SWOT analysis of the consumer market. Also, Mosprom experts carry out individual analytics for companies, which determines the most effective strategy for a manufacturer to enter foreign markets.

In addition, within the framework of the buyer's program, the Center's specialists, free of charge and based on specific export needs, help Moscow companies with the search for counterparties and negotiate with potential buyers abroad, ensure the participation of Moscow companies in international exhibitions and business missions.

Thus, over the past two years, Moscow exporters have managed to increase non-resource non-energy exports by one and a half times: from USD 10.82 billion in the first half of 2019 to USD 15.38 billion in the first half of 2021.